Is A Walk In Curved Shower Screen A Space Saving Option?

A modern bathroom featuring a walk-in curved shower screen made from clear tempered glass. The screen is fixed to the wall with a chrome-plated bracket and extends outwards from the shower enclosure in a quarter-circle shape. In the background, there are grey patterned tiles on the bathroom floor and white wall tiles.

Dreaming of a rainfall shower but worried your bathroom’s the size of a shoebox? Hold on! Walk-in showers can be surprisingly space-friendly, and a curved walk-in shower screen can be your secret weapon to that dream shower without sacrificing precious floor space.

Can a walk in shower save space in the bathroom?

Heck yeah! Here’s the lowdown:

  • Ditch the door drama: Imagine all that wasted space a regular shower door takes up when it swings open. Curved doors? They don’t swing! This means a wider entry point, and no more awkward squeezing to get in and out, especially in a tiny bathroom. It’s like having a personal shower valet who holds the door (or rather, doesn’t have a door at all) for you.
  • Every inch counts: Straight shower screens can cut off a corner, making your shower feel a bit cramped. Curved screens? They follow your moves, creating a more open feel and utilising all that precious shower space. Those extra centimetres might seem small, but trust us, they make a big difference, especially when you’re battling a bathroom the size of a cupboard.
  • Shower like a boss: It’s not just about space, though. The curved design lets you move around more freely, making showering feel less restrictive. Imagine gliding around your shower like a total shower boss – that’s the curved screen life, baby!
  • Bonus points for style: Okay, curved screens aren’t just practical, they’re also pretty darn stylish. The gentle curve softens the look of your bathroom, adding a touch of modern elegance. So, even if you have a bigger bathroom, a curved screen can still elevate the whole space.

Curved vs. Straight: How does shower screen shape affect space?

Walk-in showers are the bomb for tiny bathrooms, but did you know the screen shape can seriously impact how much space you feel like you have? Here’s why the shape of the screen can make a big difference:

  • Straight screens: These are your classic shower screens – simple and familiar. They’re great, but in a teeny bathroom, the corner can feel a bit like a lost triangle. Think of that awkward leftover crust piece on a pizza – that’s kind of the vibe.
  • Curved screens: These are the rockstars of space-saving shower screens. They bend with your moves, making the shower feel more open and getting rid of that annoying corner shortage. Additionally, this makes curved screens the ultimate champ for corner showers, where every inch counts.

The image displays two modern bathrooms side by side. On the left, there is a sleek walk-in curved shower screen with clear glass and chrome fittings, set against a backdrop of elegant brown and beige marble tiles. On the right, there is a spacious walk-in straight shower screen with clear glass, featuring beige subway tiles and a light gray tiled floor. Both designs showcase contemporary bathroom styles, emphasizing the contrast between the curved and straight shower screen shapes.

It’s important to consider floor drain placement when designing, especially a corner shower with a curved screen. The drain should be positioned to ensure proper water flow and prevent pooling.

Maximising space with a corner walk in shower with a curved screen

Thinking about the ultimate space-saving combo? Look no further than a corner walk-in shower with a curved screen! Here’s why:

  • Uses those forgotten corners: Corner showers cleverly utilise that often-ignored corner space in your bathroom, freeing up floor area for other essentials like your favourite fluffy towels or that extra shelf you’ve been eyeing. No more feeling like you gotta fold yourself in half just to get clean!
  • Curved screen bonus: The curved screen in a corner shower takes space-saving to the next level by maximising the usable area within the corner, like some kind of shower genie. No more feeling like you gotta fold yourself in half to get clean – curved screens are the real deal!

Are there any catches with curved walk in shower screens?

Curved shower screens with doors seem like the ultimate bathroom hack, right? They save space, make showering feel fancy, and look Schmick. But hold on a sec – before you ditch your straight screens faster than yesterday’s shampoo, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Cost: Bending glass isn’t exactly like folding a piece of paper. So, curved screens can cost a bit more than their straight-edged counterparts. Think of it as the price of having a more spacious and stylish shower – totally worth it for that spa-like vibe, right?
  • Cleaning: Those sexy curves might mean spending a bit more time cleaning those hidden corners compared to a straight screen. But don’t worry, there are no scrubbing marathons in your future! Fancy glass treatments like easy-clean coatings can help repel watermarks, making cleaning shower screens a breeze. Plus, a quick squeegee after each shower will keep your curved beauty sparkling like new.

The best walk in shower screen design for small bathroom

The perfect walk-in shower screen design for your small bathroom depends on your space and style:

  • Super tiny spaces: A corner walk-in shower with a curved screen is the ultimate space saver for bathrooms with minimal square footage.
  • Slightly more space: Consider a straight walk-in shower screen with a wider entry point for a more open feel.
  • Style matters: Curved screens offer a touch of elegance, while straight screens provide a classic look. Choose what suits your bathroom’s vibe.

Modern bathroom featuring a walk-in curved shower screen with clear glass and chrome fittings, complemented by beige tiles and a spacious bathtub. The bathroom is well-lit with a contemporary circular ceiling light and includes a large window for natural light, along with a sleek white vanity unit and a wall-mounted radiator. Perfect example of a stylish and functional small bathroom design.


Walk in shower screens are a fantastic space-saving solution for small bathrooms. They eliminate door swing issues, create a more open feel, and maximise usable space, especially in a corner configuration. While there might be a slight cost difference compared to straight screens, the benefits of a more spacious and luxurious shower experience are undeniable.

Make your shower your new favourite spot

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