Which Coloured Glass Screens Makes The Bathroom Brighter?

A modern bathroom featuring a glass shower enclosure with grey accents and white marble tiles. The shower screen is clear glass, and the bathroom is well-lit with a large mirror and grey vanity. This image highlights the use of coloured glass screens to enhance bathroom brightness.

Picture this: you step into your bathroom, and sunshine floods the space. It’s instantly energising and feels oh-so-inviting. But what if your bathroom’s a bit shy on the natural light? Coloured glass shower screens can add a pop of personality, but do they also block out all the good light? This guide will be your bathroom bestie, spilling the tea on coloured glass and brightness.

Does coloured glass shower screens affect bathroom brightness?

Coloured glass is like a picky bouncer at a light party – it lets some wavelengths in and blocks others. This can affect how bright your bathroom feels. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Light colours: Think pale blue or green. These guys let a bunch of light through, so your bathroom stays bright and airy.
  • Darkness reigns: Black or deep red? They’re the ultimate party crashers, absorbing light and making the space feel dimmer.

What are the light transmission properties of different coloured glass? 

The amount of light a coloured glass screen lets in is measured by its Light Transmittance Value (LTV). Think of it like a light report card – the higher the LTV, the more light gets through. Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

  • Clear glass: The top of the brightness class with an LTV of around 90%. 
  • Frosted glass: This one’s a bit shy, letting in diffused light. The LTV depends on how frosted it is, but it usually sits between 60-80%.
  • Light coloured champs (e.g., pale blue, green): LTV can be anywhere from 70-85%, letting in plenty of light for a good time.
  • The middle ground (e.g., aqua, light grey): Might be around 50-70%, so brightness might take a bit of a hit.
  • Darkness devourers (e.g., black, deep red): LTV often falls below 50%, meaning the party atmosphere might suffer.

How do colours affect psychology and perception of brightness? 

Light transmission is important, but there’s another trick up your sleeves: colours themselves! They can mess with your brain in a good way when it comes to bathroom brightness. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Light and airy champs: Lighter colours like pale blues and greens are like sneaky magicians. They trick your brain into thinking the bathroom is bigger and airier, which automatically feels brighter – even if the light coming through the glass isn’t that strong.
  • Cosy can lean dim: Darker colours, while they create a cosy spa-like feel, might also make your bathroom seem a bit smaller and, well, dimmer. So, if you’re after a bright and airy vibe, stick with lighter colours to keep things feeling spacious and cheerful.

How do you choose a coloured glass shower screen for optimal brightness? 

So, you’ve got your heart set on a coloured shower screen, but worried it might dim the party in your bathroom? No worries! Here’s how to find one that’s both bright and beautiful:

A contemporary bathroom with a skylight, featuring a spacious shower area enclosed by coloured glass screens. The shower area has a modern design with grey mosaic tiles and a sleek rain shower head, showcasing the use of coloured glass screens to enhance the bathroom's brightness.

  1. Sun seeker: Not much natural light coming in? Lighter colours are your BFFs. Look for glass with a high LTV (think “light-letting-in value”). It will let the sunshine boogie on through, keeping things bright and airy.
  2. Colour matchmaker: Want your shower screen to be part of the bathroom crew? Pick a colour that chills with the rest of your decor. Heads up, lighter colours generally make the space feel brighter, so if you’re aiming for a light and breezy vibe, keep that in mind.
    Seeing is believing: Don’t just take our word for it! Most shower screen suppliers will have glass samples you can check out. This way, you can see how the colour and light thingy actually works in your bathroom’s lighting. Stick the sample in your shower area and see how it transforms the space!

What are the alternatives to coloured glass for a brighter bathroom?

If maximising brightness is your top priority, here are some alternative options that can work well with strategic bathroom lighting:

A modern bathroom with dark tiles featuring a sleek shower area enclosed by clear coloured glass screens. The shower includes a stainless steel rain shower head and wall-mounted towel racks. A wooden shelf with a decorative plant adds a touch of greenery, highlighting the use of coloured glass screens in a contemporary bathroom design.

  • Frosted friend: Want privacy but still crave some light? Frosted glass is your BFF! Look for one with a high LTV (light-letting-in power) for maximum brightness. It won’t be totally see-through, but it’ll let enough light in to keep things cheerful.
  • Clear glass champion: The undisputed king of letting light shine through! Clear glass gives you a full view of your amazing bathroom tiles (or whatever awesome design you’ve got going on). It keeps the space feeling open and airy, letting natural light flow freely. This is the ultimate choice for bathrooms with good windows or for those who want a super bright and spacious feel.
  • Mix and match magic: Feeling creative? Why not combine clear or light-coloured glass panels with cool tiles or stone accents? This lets you add a pop of colour or pattern while still letting in tons of light. It’s a stylish and strategic way to create a bright and personalised bathroom that reflects your unique style.

Achieving the perfect balance of light and colour

Coloured glass screens can add a personal touch and some serious style to your bathroom. But remember, the colour you choose can affect how bright the space feels. By understanding light transmission, how colours work their magic, and exploring alternative options, you can create the perfect balance of light and colour for a bathroom that’s both beautiful and inviting.

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